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How to Handle a Water Emergency

Preparation is the key when it comes to emergencies.

Knowing what to do in case of a water emergency can keep

a small inconvenience from turning into a costly nightmare.


Review these emergency scenarios with all your

family members and practice them together.

Leaks Inside or Outside the House

In case of an emergency, such as a burst pipe, quickly close

the main water shut-off valve to prevent costly flood damage.


Your main water shut-off valve controls all of the

water coming into your house. Everyone in your home

should know where the valve is, and know how to turn it off.


It's often located near the

water meter inside the water meter pit.


 After you've closed your shut-off valve,

contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible.


Southwest Water advises keeping

the telephone number of a plumber on hand.


If any damage occurs you may want

to contact your insurance company.


Remember: Do not touch wet electrical fittings.

If leaking water comes into contact with electrical

outlets or wires, do not go anywhere near it.


Turn off the power to those devices at the circuit panel

and call a licensed electrician to assist you with electrical systems.

No Tap Water

Southwest Water takes great pride

in the service they provide to you.


On rare occasions when they must interrupt your water

service to improve or maintain the system, they will notify

the Harbor Point Office or Gate in person, and the HPPOA will

notify you by placing a sign at the entrance to the front gate.

(The Same When Cleared)


Southwest Water makes every effort to avoid inconveniencing

their customers with water shutoffs, but sometimes these

circumstances are out of their control. They don't know when a

water main might break or when electricity may go out at

your water plant. If you do not receive a notice of planned

temporary service interruption from Southwest Water and

little or no water is running from your tap, contact their

customer service department immediately and

one of their representatives will assist you.


877.405.1750 or 866.654.7992


Disaster Situations

In the event of a major disaster

(like a hurricane or an earthquake),

Southwest Water strive to supply their valued

customers with up-to-date information and advice.


During a crisis, you can obtain information by calling

 Southwest Water's customer service department.


We may post updates and other information on the website

and we also work with local media to broadcast bulletins

on radio and television. Always follow the advice carefully.


Please know that during any emergency,

Southwest Water employees are

responding to the situation as fast as possible.




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