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God by His Word and Spirit builds His Church

calling sinful men out of every tongue

tribe and nation of the human race into

the holy fellowship of Christís Body.

By the same Word and Spirit, God guides

and preserves His redeemed as a gathered community.

It is not limited to any religious

institutions or denominations.

 Rather, the Church Universal is made up of

all who are  born again followers of Jesus.

The Church exists in the world to worship God

and to nurture fellow believers

and to bear witness to the Gospel.

New local churches are to be planted in the world

for a visible evidence of Godís salvation.


The Churchís mission is to make disciples

through the preaching of the Gospel.


Though social transformation is an indirect

benefit of changed lives, it is not
the primary focus of the ministry.

All members of the Body of Christ

 are to function as committed members

of a local church. In this context they are able to
walk in the obedience of faith working through love

as they show their love for God by the way they keep

His commandment to love one another.