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Harbor Point's

Maintenance Department

Maintains and keeps Your Pool Clean

Year Round.



If you bring your pet to the pool

you are not allowed to bring it in the Gate!!


Yes this has happened, and Yes the Pool was Closed

for the rest of the day for cleaning.


You Must Have

Wristbands and a Key

to enter the Pool area

Pool Hours

11am - 8pm


(Tuesday - Sunday)

Closed Monday

for Cleaning

(Special  Days

for Holiday Weekends)


You must have a $0 balance in the office
before you can purchase Pool Key and bands.*


The Pool Key comes with 4 (four) bands.

If you want more bands (up to 8)

you can purchase them from the office.

We have Kids and Adult size bands for 2022.

You must wear the band when inside the gate at the pool.


Please follow the Pool Rules that you sign

when picking up the key and bands.

You will receive a copy of the signed rules

when purchasing the key and bands.​


* (Maintenance Dues and any penalties or late fees must be paid in full)




If You Did Not Turn In Your Pool Keys From Last Year

You May Not Be Able To Have Keys THIS YEAR.




You Will Need Adobe Reader

   To Open This Form.