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HPPOA Requires ALL Property Owners

and their family  members who live

full-time at Harbor Point to have

automobile decals displayed at all times.


If You are an owner and DO NOT

Live at HP full-time you must have

a automobile decal as well.


The decal program helps to

keep our neighborhood safe

it also helps the front gate

personal keep track of people

who do not belong in HP.


HPPOA also requires all

travel trailers that go out of the gate

to have a Camper Decal displayed

upon return. If your travel trailer does

not have a Camper Decal, your camper

must be re-inspected  upon return.

(Contact The HPPOA office.)


Golf Carts Must Also Have a Decal.


Please remove your Harbor Point decal

from your vehicle before you

sell or trade in your vehicle.


If you would prefer, stop by the front gate

and ask our gate personal to remove

your decal for you. When you

sell or trade in your vehicle with

an Harbor Point decal on it, you

allow the new owner access to

Harbor Point until it is time to update decals.


Decals Update Every 6 to 12 Months.



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