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To Join Please Read Below and Click Above.


Buy * Sell * Trade is only for Harbor Point Property Owners.


You Must ...Be A Member of Harbor Point Resort Closed Facebook Group to Join This Group.


This Group is For Harbor Point Folks Only, WE DO NOT WANT PEOPLE FROM OUTSIDE OUR GATES in this group.

All Rules of our other Group applies here with the exception "You May Post Stuff For Sale, Things You Wish To Buy/Give away or Trade.

How ever you may post a RV/Camper Trailer. But No Land/Home packages. The Land/Property ad will be listed here only after a Fee has been paid to the Harbor Point Resort Website. Lifetime ad fee is $35.00. This is how we fund

This is not a Chat Group or Regular Group.

All Post Must Be In Relation to Buying, Selling and Trading. Trading Real (Land/Home) Property is not acceptable and falls under the guidelines of "NO HOME or PROPERTY ADS"

Enjoy This Group!!
Updated: 12/04/2020
Group Started: