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 Save Aluminum Cans to Support




Trinity County 356 Volunteer Fire Department


They are Saving Aluminum Cans To

Buy Fuel and Maintenance

for Their Fire Trucks.



Bring Your Cans To The Firehouse

Located at: 12427 FM356

In Carlisle

(Contact Chief Marvin Saunders to make a Donation)

(501(c)(3) Organization



Aluminum Can Facts


Aluminum is a sustainable metal and

can be recycled over and over again.


A can is generally turned into a new can

and back on store shelves within 60 days.



How many times can the same

piece of aluminum be recycled?

There is no limit to how many

times aluminum can be recycled.


That's why recycling aluminum is such a

benefit for the environment. Aluminum is

considered a sustainable metal, which means

it can be recycled again and again with

no loss of material.


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