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Speed limit, stop signs

approved by court

Groveton News - May 2007


Speed limits and stop signs were approved for the

Harbor Point Subdivision and portions of four roads in Lake L

 Acres were accepted for county maintenance during Monday’s

meeting of the Trinity County Commissioners Court.

The fairly lengthy agenda for the meeting was dominated by road issues, although commissioners also met with Trinity Rural Water Supply Corporation (TRWSC) officials to discuss plans for new

water lines crossing county road right-of-ways.

Similar to action taken earlier this year for the Port Adventure Subdivision located near Sebastopol, commissioners on Monday approved a request from the Harbor Point Property Owners Association

regarding speed limits and stop signs.

A 25 mile-per-hour speed limit was approved for all subdivision roads

and the placement of 20 stop signs was authorized in the Harbor Point subdivision, which also is located near Sebastopol off FM 356.

Although the roads in Harbor Point are private, state law now allows counties to set speed limits and place stop signs in private subdivision

at the request of the property owners The POA group will be

responsible for purchasing and installing the signs.

The new speed limits and stop signs can now be enforced by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department and any other Texas law enforcement agency.

The approval of the Harbor Point speed limits and stop signs came after separate public hearings were opened on each issue. Because no one appeared to speak on either issued, both hearings were quickly closed and the commissioners proceeded to approve both unanimously.